Alcatraz, 250g




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Among the highlands of Huila, located 25 minutes away from the municipality of Oporapa, you can find Finca Alcatraz, owned by the Ule-Trujillo family. Finca Alcatraz is currently being managed by the third generation of a coffee growing family, Wilfredo’s grandfather was the first owner of the farm. Year after year, the farm has been growing and its quality has been improving with the administration of Wilfredo and his wife, Yubeli.

The Ule Faily is not like any other standard coffee growing family in Colombia, they are innovative, passionate, and always focused on producing better quality. Yubeli and Wilfredo believe that you should always strive for excellence in everything that you do. She focuses on having a sustainable farm and on improving what he does every day. A large proportion of their farm operates using power generated by solar panels and he has even built a cupping lab on the property, in order to learn more about cupping and to see how the experimentations with processes and varieties improve oer time. They work all together as a
team, Wilfredo, Yubeli and their two children, who already know the process of producing great tasting coffee and are always helping him with the post-harvest process. For Yubeli his whole family is essential for the farm operations and for the outstanding quality of the coffee. The Ule family couldn’t be any prouder that their coffee is being drunk by coffee lovers all over the world.



Teža 250 g
Nadmorska višina

1550-1800 m






Yubeli Trujillo Valenciano




Bourbon, Caturra, Geisha