Finca Las Delicias, 250 g


Duver Rojas has been involved with coffee since he was seven years old. He is a second generation coffee producer in the Rojas Family. Ruby Trujillo, his wife, also comes from a long line of coffee growers. They inherited Finca Las Delicias and since then, have had a fantastic experience learning and producing coffee. The main objective has always been to continue with their families’ legacies. They always apply traditional practices on the farm, taking care of the soil, water sources, and of the natural environment. More recently they have planted shade trees, to protect the coffee trees, which also provide organic material to the plantation.

Eleven years ago, This family decided to try a new project on the farm, to start producing specialty coffee. They knew that Finca Las Delicias had very high potential to produce these type of coffees and they wanted to learn more, receive trainings, carry out experiment with new processes, to be able to offer better quality. For eleven years, Duver and Ruby have been receiving training from Caravela, learning about producing specialty coffee. They believe the farm is blessed from God, and that is this family’s motivation: to wake up every day to produce some of the best coffee of Gigante, Huila. Duver is also member of the Board of Directors of the cooperative El Desarrollo in Gigante, so when he is not on his farm, he goes and visits other member farms to learn about new farming technologies.

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