Puerto Alegre, 250g


Notes of cherry, stone fruits, almonds, caramels, bright acidity and medium body.

Puerto Alegre is a farm located in the municipality of Pijao in Quindío, one of the regions part of the Cultural Landscape of Coffee protected by Unesco as a World Heritage. The farm is owned for 80 years by the family Lopez, passed on to 4 brothers in 2005 who separated the farm in two parts. The main varietal cultivating is Castillo, however the Lopez brothers are exploring with new varietals such as Geisha and Java. They also plant Platano trees inside the coffee plantation.  The coffee we are offering is dried for 25 days on movable raised beds with partial sun exposure during daytime with good weather. During night time when temperature drops and relative humidity increases the drying beds are stored inside the production building.

Jairo and Cesar studied in the school with María Mercedez Grajales who is the owner of Colombian Spirit, the logistic company in charge to source, prepare and export the coffee to their warehouse in Germany.

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