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The coffee is picked and then floated. After all floaters are removed,
the water is removed and the coffee is placed in plastic cans (it can
hold 30 kilos), then air is removed and is fermented for 36 hours. Then
the coffee is depulped and is fermented for other 48hrs. After that, the
coffee is placed on African beds and on a tunnel without direct sun
exposure for the first 4 days. This helps to get the drying not so fast.
The total process can take between 15 and 20 days, depending on the
weather. The key point is to avoid as much as you can the humidity
gain during night.
During the time the coffee is in the African beds and tunnel is moved
every 4 hours to make sure all the coffee gets enough sun and avoid
humid spots that can cause vinegar taste.
The cherries get hand sorted at picking. Last selection is at the milling
where the coffee is selected by screen size and defects.
At the farm after drying to 9-11% humidity the coffee gets packed in
GrainPro bags and sisal and stored at the farm, at 20°C. Usually after
1,5 months the coffee is stabilized and ready for the milling and then

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