El Jordán 250g, kava v zrnju

El Jordán 250g, kava v zrnju

Beneath the shadows of the beautiful Nevado del Huila, lies the small town of Gaitania, home to fifty coffee growers responsible for El Jordan. The influence of this active volcano has given this region volcanic soils and microclimates to grow outstanding coffee. Its fertile lands and mild climate, combined with a strong dedication, produce a unique cup profile. Despite insecurity challenges, due to guerrilla presence in the region for over four decades, these coffee growers have always grown their coffee with pride and care.

Caravela, our logistic partner, started working with El Jordan on 2003 after seeing the excitement to produce high quality coffee. Since then, they have implemented diverse training projects to work with them and help maximize the potential on coffees. As a consequence, some of its members have been Cup of Excellence finalists several times.


“A coffee with a distinct character. Bright sparkling citric acidity reminiscent of grapefruit and peach is complemented with caramel and toasted almond notes. Its velvety and chocolaty body along with a long refreshing finish makes it an allday coffee.”

  • pridelovalec

    50 small coffee growers of “Group Asociativo con Fines Ecológicos de El Macizo Colombiano” (MACIZO).

  • regija


  • okraj


  • nadmorska višina

    1500-1900 m

  • sorta

    80% Caturra, 10% Castillo, 10% Colombia

  • postopek

    Fully washed and naturally fermented for 18 24 hours in micromills at each farm.

  • Shade

    Plantain, cachimbo, nogal and guamo trees (30% shade cover).

  • Harvest

    1st Semester: April- June 2nd Semester: October - December.

  • Drying Method

    Fully sun-dried at each farm in green-house or roof drying patios.


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