Finca Miranda 250g, kava v zrnju

Finca Miranda 250g, kava v zrnju

Jairo Astudillo started producing coee 35 years ago, thanks the encouragement of his father

and grandfather, who persuaded him to continue with the family business. Finca Miranda was

first owned by Jairo’s grandfather and since then it has been passed down from generation to

generation. It was named Finca Miranda because the farm has breathtaking views of the

Palestina mountains. Five years ago, he decided that he wanted to receive a better income, to

have more money left over to improve his farm and his home. He wanted to oer his family a

better quality of life and he wanted to receive recognition for doing a good job and

producing excellent coee.

Today, Jairo works with his family at his farm. His sons, Jairo and Johinier, help him with the

post-harvest processes. Jairo has been working with Caravela for five years and he started

delivering coee to our Pitalito warehouse, when we were still Virmax. He has loved working

with Caravela because it has allowed him to earn what he deserves for the hard work he puts

in. Due to all his hard work he is now a well-known coee producer in the Palestina region of


  • pridelovalec


  • regija


  • okraj


  • nadmorska višina

    1800 m

  • sorta

    50% Tabi, 25% Caturra, 25% Colombia

  • postopek

    Fully washed and traditionally fermented for 36 hours.

  • Shade

    Cedar trees, guamos,guaba, avocato, citrus

  • Harvest

    October - December

  • Drying Method

    Fully sun-dried on raised bedsand on covered patios

  • Certifications

    C.A.F.E Practices, Rainforest Alliance


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