La Herrera 250g, kava v zrnju

La Herrera 250g, kava v zrnju

The AGROCEM association is composed by 63 native families from the area of Tolima, Colombia. The families do everything at their farms, they collect, process and are their own farm administrators. The small producers associations such as AGROCEM ensures the survival of this families, that depends directly to the price of the coffee.

The farm size goes between 0.3 ha to 16 ha and they all have Castillo variety, even some are starting to experiment with other varieties like Pink Bourbon. These coffee farms are all under shade, no direct sun exposure on the crops. That means the coffee grows slowly, that gives us big and sweet cherries. This coffee is sourced by the team of Colombian Spirit Coffee


Sweet fragance of milk chocolate and nuts. When brewing we find soft citric notes of grapefruit and peach, and brown sugar aroma. In the mouth, renders a clean cup with bright acidity and caramel aftertaste.

  • pridelovalec


  • regija


  • okraj

    La Herrera

  • nadmorska višina

    1550-1800 m

  • sorta

    Castillo organic

  • postopek


  • Harvest

    1st Semester 2020


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