Regalo de Popayán 250g, kava v zrnju

Regalo de Popayán 250g, kava v zrnju

El Regalo de Popayan is a coffee produced by members of two associations. AGROSEP and AGRICOD. AGRICOD consists of a group of women coffee producers and was established in 2007. They believe that women are more responsible and harder workers than their male counterparts. The pride that members of both these groups have for their work and their dedication is reflected in their coffee.

The area where the coffee is grown is a unique growing environment located high on a plateau called la Meseta de Popayan, here, the average farm size here is between 1 and 2 hectares and production is mostly organic.


“El Regalo de Popayan has notes of baked apples, cinnamon and allspice, with a coca finish and round body. Definitely coffee you can drink all day!”

  • pridelovalec

    Approximately 100 small coffee growers from the Asociación de Productores de Cafés Especiales del municipio de Popayán and 50 growers from the Asociación Agropecuaria Industrial y Comercial de el Danubio.

  • regija


  • okraj


  • nadmorska višina

    1650-1850 m

  • sorta

    60% Caturra, 20% Castillo, 20% Colombia

  • postopek

    Tradicionalno pranje

  • Shade

    Plantain and Guamo.

  • Harvest

    Main: April and June

  • Drying Method

    Fully sun-dried at each farm in green-house or roof drying patios.


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